Dance Studio Business Plan

Resources to help you start a dance studio

Dance Studio Business Resources

Thinking about opening up a dance studio? Well, then, we would love to help you! As former dance studio owners, we know what it takes to open a business, and we can use our experience to help you know what you should – and shouldn’t do.

Here are some things you’ll need in order to start a dance studios:

  • Register your business name
  • Register your business as an LLC (this is what I recommend)
  • Create branding for your website, like a logo
  • Start a website for your dance studio
  • Advertise your dance studio

But first thing’s first – you’ll need a business plan. And there are a number of things that you will need to in order to have a dance studio. So we have compiled a list of 100 resources you can use to open up your dance school. This is a great list not only for those wanting to open a dance studio, but those who have already opened a dance studio and are looking for some great dance school references.

Before Opening Your Studio:

First, you need to register your business (how to do this varies depending where you live, so look up what your state or local government requires). You will also need to incorporate your business.

Business Incorporation:

Next, you’ll need to get things in place before your business opens.


Hiring Dance Teachers:

Press Release for Your Dance Studio Opening:

Promotional Materials:

Dance & Acrobatics Equipment:

Sound System:

Now, here are things you’ll need once your business is open:

Music Editing Software:

Accounting Software:

Email Marketing/Newsletter:

Recital Ticketing:

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